Short Term Funding

Achieved through: Commodities Trading, Infrastructure and Energy Developments

GSEG will receive fees for all commodities trading activities. GSEG will also receive fees and carried interests in the projects generated and/or managed, with an exclusive option on all projects to increase equity participation on a Pari Passu basis.

Medium Term Funding

Estates & Infrastructure Exchange (EIX)

GSEG has a strategic partnership with London based Estates and Infrastructure Exchange (EIX) as a platform to raise independent project finance. EIX, who are Authorised and Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, is the first exchange to focus exclusively on estates and infrastructure as an asset class. The main instruments financed and traded are Project Bonds for worldwide infrastructure and development projects.

EIX was established to help bridge the USD15 trillion infrastructure investment funding gap by 2040 with the trillions of dollars of private capital, both foreign and domestic, searching for a home. Through two models, EIX will transform an illiquid asset class into a liquid one and can enable reduced regulatory capital requirements under Solvency II.

Medium Term Funding

Strategic Financial Institutions & Investors 

GSEG in presently in discussions with a number of Financial Institutions and Strategic Investor groups to create new strategic financial partnerships.