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GSEG Strategic Global Alliances are continuously developing and expanding
“Work Together, Win Together”

Strong Strategic Worldwide Partners are pivotal for our long-term growth strategy to be sustainable and profitable. We grow together with our clients, partners and communities, always based on our core values of integrity, diversity and inclusiveness, innovation and sustainability.

GSEG consolidates many cultures, languages and backgrounds. Forging the bonds among Colleagues, Clients and Partners is fundamental to developing a successful project. Teamwork is fundamental through all our integrated supply chain.

Stakeholder engagement and alignment is key for our long-term growth strategy and it brings mutual benefits for our long-term relationships.

GSEG has a number of established world-class International Strategic Alliance Partners and is also partnered with world-class China State Owned Enterprises (PRC SOEs). Our strengths are our Strategic Partnerships and our ability to identify and work seamlessly with new Partners according to the project needs.

Strategic Partnerships within PRC

Golden Sky Energy Group works in close coordination with the Government of China One Belt One Road (OBOR) Office, in particular supporting the China Blue Sky Action Plan.

SINOMACH, GENERTEC, and CASIC (including wholly owned subsidiaries such as CMEC, CMC, and Xinming) will be the official China State “Platform Partners” of GSEG worldwide. They are fully State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of China and Global Fortune 500 companies.

The “Platform Partners” will create any China SOE consortium on behalf of Golden Sky Energy Group as may be required for any worldwide project.

Global Joint Venture Partners

GSEG has established global JV partnerships for each country or region of operations.

The main criteria for each partnership include wide-ranging experience of major capital projects and extensive relationships and networks at all levels, including Government, Tribal and Religious leaders.

As such the JV partnerships are uniquely placed to identify, evaluate and secure multiple country wide major capital project opportunities and to establish a coalition of local and national stakeholders to support these opportunities.

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