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Effective execution will require focus, simplicity and speed as well as contracting compliance, commitments and mobilization of the required human and financial resources.

Project Screening, Selection and Execution

GSEG shall evaluate each Major Capital Project opportunity and for the high potential projects, shall prepare a concise paper summarizing the key commercial and technical terms for board level approval. GSEG in turn will structure the most efficient project solution, identifying the required financial and technical resources, and when needed, potential partners for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) or for Strategic Joint Ventures.

As part of the overall project screening, selection, and execution process, it is essential the following key requirements are met for new project opportunities presented to GSEG:

Projects that have already completed:

Phase 1 – Definition
Phase 2 – FEED – Front End Loading Engineering Design

The Projects are ready to enter:

Phase 3 – EPC Execution – Award of Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract

Projects must have clearly defined and credible Counterparties:

Private Companies with strong track records and balance sheets

A full range of contracting strategy options are available, including:

Build, Transfer – BT
Build, Operate and Transfer – BOT
Build, Own, Operate and Transfer – BOOT

The financing options available will be dependent on our overall evaluation of project risk. High risk environments may require greater security against overall project risk (geopolitical/legal/financial), for example Sovereign/World Bank Guarantees and/or repayment secured in the form of commodities (e.g. crude oil or LNG). For low risk projects, a much greater degree of flexibility available with financing options, especially with top tier counterparties and off-takers.

Project Management

The overall project leadership, technical, commercial and contracting management is led by highly experienced and dedicated GSEG Project Management Teams (GSEG-PMTs), with Alliance Partner and Stakeholder personnel assigned as required.

Project Management Methodology

Our project management methodology is well developed with extensive project application experience in Oil, Petrochemicals, and Chemicals industries.  It has a strong process industry orientation, and takes an “owner’s” rather than a “consulting/engineering” perspective to project definition and execution.

The overall methodology is derived from industry best practices and provides a 5-phase approach to definition and execution of projects.

  1.  Identify and Assess Opportunities
  2.  Generate and Select Alternatives
  3.  Develop Preferred Alternatives
  4.  Execute
  5.  Operate and Evaluate

Each phase provides good definition of;

  • Decision Makers
  • Deliverables
  • Work Team
  • Focus Items
  • Resources
  • Value
  • Metrics
  • Role of Owner’s Project Support Team