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The GSEG Business Model is to identify, evaluate and secure world-class major capital project opportunities.

GSEG based on its expertise, after a detailed opportunity evaluation and a structured project selection criterion, propose and implement the most efficient Business Structure for each project opportunity, including financial resources, and establishing a coalition of local, national and international stakeholders to support these projects into full developments.

Essentially, our solutions follow two main structures:

1.  Programmes or Projects Implementation, or;

2.  Strategic Joint Ventures.


For the Programmes or Projects Implementation, GSEG provides the overall project ownership and management, combined with all the necessary financial and technical resources both directly and with Strategic Alliance partners via Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

For the Strategic Joint Ventures, GSEG identifies recognised leading international Companies with high growth and performance potential, deploying GSEG’s unique global relationships and expertise to unlock the full potential value of the identified projects and operations for the benefit of society and enterprises.

Strategic Business Sectors


Conventional & Renewables


Sustainable Developments


Grains, Animal Proteins & Seafood

Commodities Trading

Hydrocarbons, Metals & Minerals


Pharmaceuticals, Medical Services & PPE


Asset  & Private Fund Management Licenses

New technologies


GSEG supports new cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to disrupt any industrial sector to bring about a step change in technical, commercial or environmental performance.

Typically, technologies might be at the Research & Development stage at a university or already in use but yet to realise their full potential.

Our approach is to work with such technology providers to create an opportunity where we can demonstrate a large-scale proof of concept, usually partnered with first class International Partners. On the success case a Joint Venture mechanism, which has been agreed in advance, can be rapidly activated to enable the deployment of the technology globally on our own portfolio and with third parties using our established global networks.

We are currently evaluating opportunities with the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Infrastructure sectors.

One such technology we are collaborating with is a Remote Direct Detection of Hydrocarbons technology. Our intention is to use this technology in our existing operations and to take strategic positions in listed oil and gas companies ahead of drilling campaigns, in addition to the longer term goal of directly acquiring new E&P acreage positions using the technology alongside the traditional evaluation tools, then developing & producing the discovered resources.

Project selection criteria

GSEG shall evaluate each Major Capital Project opportunity and for the high potential projects, shall prepare a concise teaser paper summarizing the key commercial and technical terms for board level approval.

GSEG in turn will structure the most efficient project solution identifying the required financial and technical resources, and when needed, potential partners for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) or for a Strategic Joint Venture.

New business opportunities

GSEG continues to develop and expand its portfolio of global projects, following our well-established project selection criteria guidelines. We welcome new enquiries from governmental agencies and private companies.

Please contact us for further information and one of our executive team members will guide you through our Know Your Customer (KYC) process, thereafter GSEG can open commercial and technical discussions.