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GSEG commitment to the highest international standards of corporate governance is reflected in our Guiding Principles for GSEG stakeholders defined in our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment and Policies. This is the base to our long-term success.

We will conduct our business with Integrity, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Innovation and Sustainability to create the world we want for our communities, families and children. Good business for good society, today and tomorrow.

To make this happen our guiding principle is to work with individual and institutional ethics towards full membership of the UN Global Compact.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 4 executive directors.

GSEG has an Advisory Board of Director comprised of six executive and non-executive directors. The Board Chairman is elected from the International Advisory Board members on a one year rotational basis.

The Board and Advisory Board is responsible for the leadership of GSEG, while overseeing the group’s business, strategic decisions and performance.

Our Code of Conduct ensures we conduct our business aligned with our vision and culture.