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Golden Sky Energy Group Shipping Joint Venture Company

Golden Sky Energy Group is presently finalising a Shipping Joint Venture with one of the World’s leading shipping groups. The new group will publicly launch soon.

Establishing a global shipping JV will provide cost effect and optimised services for our own and third party commodities (grains, animal proteins, hydrocarbons, metals and minerals).

Thereby providing GSEG a fully integrated Total Supply Chain, from the seed, hydrocarbons or raw materials in the ground, to supplying the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and Global Clients on the dinner plate, and fuelling and building their everyday lives.

The new GSEG Shipping JV Company will have extensive capability in following key shipping sectors

Dry Cargo
Support Vessels
S & P

Dry Cargo covers the world's major trading routes and is dominated by three core sectors; food stocks, iron ore and coal. 

Bespoke financial solutions through our global alliance partner network, managing risk, funding transactions and closing deals.

We provide an extensive range of commercial expertise and solutions along the entire LNG supply chain, to existing and new customers.

Our Newbuilding capability is extensive, covering all types of vessels, including LNGCs, FSRUs, drillships, crude tankers, product tankers and dry cargo vessels. 

Working with owners, oil and gas companies, shipyards, designers, class authorities, investors and financial institutions we bring our expertise to any project.

Our research capability is respected worldwide as the most authoritative provider of intelligence for global shipping.

Extensive experience in Sale & Purchase, working with private clients, national shipping companies, major corporates, oil companies, grain houses and institutional investors.

Specialists in managing huge vessels that carry crude or petroleum products across the world, with expertise and solutions along the entire hydrocarbon supply chain.

We provide transparent, objective ship valuation service to major owners, banks and other financial institutions.

The GSEG Shipping Joint Venture Company - 6 Steps for Growth

Step 1 – Own Commodities Shipping

Responsible for shipping GSEG global commodities: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Hydrocarbons, Metals & Minerals.

Step 2 – Partner Commodities Shipping

Manage PRC Partners and Third Party global commodities shipping

Step 3 – Short Term Commodities Sale-Purchase Opportunities
The Shipping JV to offer spot or short term commodity sales opportunities (Agriculture, Aquaculture, Hydrocarbons, Metals & Minerals) to Third Parties. Leveraging our JV Partners’ existing client base & networks and connecting with PRC and Global end buyers.

Step 4 – Creating our JV “Own Shipping Pool”

Adding physical vessels to the Shipping JV (owned by PRC Partners and Third Parties)

Step 5 – Expanding our JV “Own Shipping Pool”

Building physical vessels for the Shipping JV (owned by PRC partners and Third Parties)

Step 6 – Long Term Commodities “Off-Taker Agreements”

GSEG to create dedicated Shipping and Commodities WOFEs (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises) in PRC. The GSEG WOFEs shall be responsible for securing long term off-taker agreements with PRC State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Private Companies (e.g. LNG and Agricultural quotas).

As the GSEG WOFEs will be the ultimate quota owners, GSEG has the ability to partner with any qualified global commodities producers and suppliers for long term, high volume direct sales to PRC.

This approach provides significant influence over the Total Supply Chain, ensuring; reliability, quality control, process optimisation and improving profitability.

LNG Example: Feed Gas Supply -> Gas pre-processing -> Gas Liquefaction -> LNG Shipping -> LNG Re-gasification -> Gas Distribution

“25 year Off-Taker Agreements”