Unlocking the greatest potential value

A significant business theme of GSEG is to create Strategic Joint Venture Companies with recognised leading international companies, deploying our unique global relationships and expertise to unlock the greatest potential value.

Even with the most recognised and established international companies often there are indentified areas of growth potential that are not being realised because of the lack of market access in particular geographical regions, market share limitations, inability to secure export/import licenses and quotas, funding restrictions or technical limitations. Our concept and offering to any qualifying company in such a position is to create a Joint Venture Company and GSEG will use its unique global relationships and expertise to find solutions to all the growth barriers to unlock the full potential value.

Main JV strategy approach

Our business approach with any potential JV partner is, in full confidentiality, evaluate all the challenges and requirements of the potential partner and to explore the best solutions and how we may work together to construct the JV such that GSEG can provide all the necessary resources required directly into the JV.

It is of critical importance that any JV is operationally capable and financially sustainable in its own right. To ensure this, our approach is to develop a complimentary short term and long term strategy. For example, if the goal is to secure a long term offtaker agreement for LNG and financing of the upstream value chain, then initially we would focus on spot and short term LNG sales contracts. This not only provides valuable cash flow into the JV, but demonstrates a successful working relationship and business flow. It also enables tangible progress towards the long term goals, for example the short term LNG for trading may be sourced and procured using the proposed long term counterparties, effectively demonstrating a successful total value chain.

Sectors under negotiation

GSEG is presently in varying stages of negotiations with a number of leading international companies to form Joint Ventures in all our strategic business sectors and is open to discuss new potential collaborations.

The current potential Joint Ventures under negotiation are in the following sectors

  • LNG – securing short term LNG receiving terminal quotas and a longer term offtaker agreements
  • Pharmaceuticals – increasing market share and participation in flagship initiatives
  • Medical Services – establishing a new countrywide medical service, partnered with State Owned Enterprises
  • Financial Services – collaboration on a global trading platform, opening up and increasing market share in financial services
  • Technology – collaborating on a new remote hydrocarbon sensing technology
  • Logistics – establishing a global shipping JV that can provide cost effect optimised services for our own and third party commodities (grains, animal proteins, hydrocarbons, metals and minerals)

All potential Joint Venture discussions and negotiations are confidential and will only made public in the event of a successful outcome.


The first Golden Sky Energy Group Joint Venture Company to launch publicly was our Agri-Aquacultural company, GSAAG, on 30th June 2020